Saturday, February 11, 2012

Update 4 - Possibly the last post

Hello to all,

After a long discussion, my associates have decided to leave our crusade against Crystal Eagle. It seems after this latest entry she will continue writing indefinitely, or at least until she graduates. I am 99% this person is a senior. All of you can criticize my work all you want, but I have had a lot of sleepless nights the past week to think about my theory. That is quite possibly the best conclusion I got.

For whether she's actually a girl etc... I am in the dark as the rest of the readers are. With no help from my friends, I decided to leave this blog first and focus on my academic life.

I will try my best to get back on the case after a week. Good luck to the candidates of the coming Sanggu elections. I wish them the best.

Crystal Eagle Hunter signing out.


  1. tsk why you give up............

  2. It's alright. I'd understand why you'd want to quit.
    But you are much welcome to send me anything you have at
    Include the words "CRYSTAL EAGLE" in your subject.

    I am, as I posted in my previous entry, more inclined to think that CE is a junior, but if you think you can convince me otherwise there's my blog/email to hit me up.

    Good luck with your future endeavors.

  3. House Bill 5391:

    The bill imposes a fine of not more than P100,000 or imprisonment of 6 months to six years, or both to any person who commits a series of acts directed towards another person that causes substantial emotional distress through the use of electronic devices.

  4. I'm pretty sure that this blog is only misleading other people.

    1. Tangina. E wala ka naman palang kwenta na hunter!


      Ayusin mo na lang pag

  5. Hunter my ass. From the start, this blog was pure, unfounded conjecture. No one will miss you.

  6. Fuck you. Hunter down.
    Olats ka!
    This must have been some asshole kid acting out

  7. I think this blog was meant to throw people off. Feeling ko si crystal eagle din mismo ito hahaha

  8. by associates, you mean you and your action figures, right?

  9. It's all over.

    I suggest that you quit making a fool out of yourself.

    Crystal Eagle has been terminated.

    Wake up from this delusion and move on.

    It's for your own good.

    -The Sorrow